Repair and Maintenance Services is offered through out North America by Guardian Computer Support. On-site Repair Service is available through 256 Service Centers through out the United States, Canada and Mexico. Maintenance Service Agreements for the Sun Microsystems Ultra 10 Desktop is also available.

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Sun Microsystems Ultra 10 Desktop Keep your network and systems operational with technicians, parts and all the resources necessary standing by to respond quickly. Similar to an insurance policy we will be standing by to keep your computers, peripherals and networks running smoothly. Don't wait until there is a problem, be prepared now with a service agreement that includes all parts and labor. Looking for a technician when you have a problem is not the smartest thing to do when your running a business and downtime is expensive. Guardian offers on-site nationwide service throughout North America. Maintenance service programs for 15,000 computer products.

For a fixed monthly fee we repair problems that come up with any covered software or hardware. Our program includes a fixed monthly amount that includes the cost of parts, labor and support. Certified exact replacement or upgraded parts are used in all systems.

When you need service you call directly to Guardian's Support Center were your call is answered directly by a call coordinator. Our standard plan guarantee's you'll talk to a technician within 30 minutes and he'll be at your office no later than 4 hours from the time a technician is dispatched. This service includes all labor, parts and travel.

Guardians' proprietary call tracking system allows Service Managers to follow the progress of your call until it is resolved. Each step of every call has a built-in time frame for completion of the task which helps them insure your needs are quickly resolved.

One vendor, one call. Guardian offers full service and support for thousands of computer products, including systems from Sun, Digital, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Compaq, and more. Customers can have the convenience and cost savings of dealing with one vendor for all of their information technology products. More

Use us when you need us. Once your setup as a client we will have a technician standing by waiting for your call. The ServicePaq program guarantee's you'll talk to a technician within 60 minutes and on-site at your office normally same or next day. With this program you purchase our time like a prepaid phone card. If you don't use all hours purchased for your immediate need you can use it for up to 3 years or apply it to a Maintenance Service Agreement in the future. Sun Microsystems Ultra 10 Desktop

-On-Site Service Agreements for over 15000 Servers, Workstations, Routers and Desktops
-On-Site and Remote Support on a hourly basis for over 15000 Servers, Workstations, Routers and Desktops.
Software Consulting and Support.
-Network Consulting, Installation and Support.
-Network Performance and Security Management Services.


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